CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI) is the geospatial science Community of Practice in CGIAR, supported by CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture.

CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI) is the geospatial science Community of Practice that facilitates CGIAR’s research using geospatial data and analysis. CGIAR-CSI coordinates community-wide activities to bring CGIAR’s spatial scientists together through communications, geospatial datasets and publications and convening in various events to represent CGIAR in the geospatial domain of expertise.

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Sample of our work and activities / Courtesy of ICARDA, IRRI, ICRISAT, and IFPRI

What We Do, Why

Geospatial data and spatial analysis techniques provide a new opportunity for CGIAR to better target investment, monitor impacts, and spur innovations in agricultural science. It is becoming easier for researchers in any discipline to access spatial data and incorporate them in own analysis, yet there are many technical challenges exist especially in the application of geospatial analysis in the areas where ground-measured data is limited. Due to the nature of specificity and scale, the best way to find what would be the best choice, both for the data and method, for the specific need is to consult with other colleagues – who might have used it already and figured the strength/weakness. That is where the Community of Practice can be a valuable resource, and that is why we exist. Being at the forefront of applying the new geospatial science and technology in agriculture together, CGIAR-CSI’s community members share knowledge, learning, and best practices, build partnerships with external technology developers and service providers, and collectively support CGIAR’s agricultural research and development agenda.

Community Members

Members of CGIAR-CSI include all geospatial scientists across CGIAR. Community-wide activities are coordinately by the Global Coordinator. Center-level activities are coordinated by the Center Representative. Currently (as of October 2017), CGIAR-CSI reaches to 90 members across all 15 CGIAR Centers. If you use geospatial data and analyses in CGIAR, join our community!

Community Partners

We work closely with our external partners in academia, donors, and public/private sectors – including ITC, Esri, Digital Globe, and Geospatial and Farming Systems Research Consortium.