Monitoring Croplands using Remote Sensing, Ground Data & Machine Learning Algorithms

webinar speaker
Murali Krishna Gumma (ICRISAT)

Jawoo Koo (Geospatial Data CoP/IFPRI)

Dynamic mapping of crop type and croplands is one of the most important geospatial data science applications in agriculture. Our colleague, Murali Krishna Gumma (ICRISAT) is one of the most active experts in this area. Just in 2020, he published ten journal articles, including studies on the mapping of crop types in India, flood-based farming in Ethiopia, and cropland extent in South Asia (See Murali’s full bibliography at Expert Finder). In this webinar, Murali presents the overview of his croplands mapping work using satellite remote sensing, an extensive collection of ground referencing data, and machine learning algorithms.

Click here to download Murali’s presentation.