Gridded Crop Modeling: Advances & Challenges

During the recent virtual 2020 CGIAR Convention on Big Data in Agriculture, our community joined forces together with the Crop Modeling CoP to organize a session on the gridded crop modeling applications.

Several efforts have been developed to integrate point-based crop models with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) input data to study crop growth and development at a spatial level. Due to the complexity of data variability representation and accuracy over space and time, many crop modeling groups have developed tools to run gridded crop simulation models. In this session, speakers presented some of those approaches, including concepts of GIS data requirements, examples of crop modeling studies using spatial level data and processing of simulation outputs.

Speakers | Jawoo Koo (IFPRI), Christoph Müller (PIK), and Diego Pequeno (CIMMYT)

Presentations | Toucan Framework (Koo 2020), GGCMI & Big Data (Muller 2020), and Gridded Wheat Modeling (Pequeno 2020)