2020 Workplan

CGIAR Geospatial Community of Practice, also known as the Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI), facilitates CGIAR’s agricultural research using geospatial data and analysis. CGIAR-CSI coordinates community-wide activities to bring CGIAR’s spatial scientists together through collaborative research, communications, training, publications, and convening in various events to represent CGIAR in the geospatial domain of expertise.

In 2020, the Geospatial CoP will continue to support the community to strengthen geospatial data science expertise, especially on the application of earth observation data and computer vision analysis techniques, through training workshops, webinars, and the provision of shared services. Leveraging the collective capacity, two flagship products will be developed in collaboration with partner organizations.

Our Work in 2020

Capacity Strengthening
To strengthen the community’s technical capacity to use geospatial data science, we will:

  • Organize technical workshops and webinars
  • Provide shared services and develop innovative partnerships
  • Support working groups and knowledge sharing activities

Flagship Products
To develop flagship products on the innovative use of geospatial data science, we will:

  • Award mini-grants to develop key geospatial datasets
  • Support CGIAR to publish well-annotated key geospatial datasets
  • Contribute to the Smallholders’ Climate Change Adaptation Atlas
  • Contribute to the CGIAR Digital Evidence Clearinghouse with geospatial impact stories
  • Publish use-cases on geospatial data science applications at GARDIAN Labs

Community Engagement
To communicate effectively internally within the community and externally with partners, we will:

  • Co-organize community events with partners
  • Showcase CGIAR’s geospatial work through the community website
  • Provide travel grants to support community members to participate in conferences
  • Serve as the geospatial point of contact in CGIAR to develop new partnerships

How to Engage

Currently there are more than 300 members in the CGIAR-CSI Community across all 15 Centers. Anyone in CGIAR with interests in geospatial science can request to join the community’s SharePoint site. Non-CGIAR members can follow the community’s update through the Community Website at https://csidotinfo.wordpress.com or our social media channels at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.