Meeting Note

Community Meeting | December 2019

Meeting Date: December 11, Monday

Meeting Place: Online (Zoom Meeting at

ICRISAT | Murali Gumma
IFPRI | Jawoo Koo, Ivy Romero
WorldFish | Shwu Jiau Teoh
CIMMYT | Kai Sonder
CIAT | Silvia-Elena Castano
IITA | Tunrayo Alabi


  1. Activities in 2019
  2. Planning for 2020
  3. Any other business items


  • Datasets from 2018 Mini Grants delivered ( A new set of accessibility data layers published as a Data Descriptor article in the Scientific Data (
  • Smallholders’ Adaptation Atlas initiative launched (meeting note here) as a bilateral project under the Platform of Big Data in Agriculture. Follow-up meetings will be organized.
  • Shared Services. Quick updates on the current portfolio: GBDX,
    aWhere, LandScan 2017, IBM Historical Weather, IBM Seasonal Probabilistic Forecasts
    . The Platform is reviewing the modality of these services. Surveys may be conducted to review the service usage and collect feedback comments.
  • Actively participated in the Big Data Convention. Sessions included: Drones for Agriculture (, a side-event organized by Chandrashekhar Biradar (ICARDA), Georeferenced Data (, co-organized with Radiant Earth Foundation, and Geospatial Partners’ Showcase (
  • Participated at the 2019 AfricaGIS with four Centers ( and organized a CGIAR session. No other community-wide activity was organized.
  • White paper on the Use of Georeferenced Data in CGIAR, including our review of Radiant Earth’s proposed protocol, being developed by SpatialDev (Todd) and McGill (Grant).
  • Co-investment being made to Hiphen ( for the UAV-based phenotyping, together with CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform.
  • Discussed to provide the 2019 mini-grant to UC Davis to update WorldClim and BioClim using the downscaled CMIP6 Climate Projection data. There’s a community-wide interest in the ECMWF’s ERA5 historical daily weather data too.
  • Reviewed the 2020 Plan of Work and Budget submitted to the Platform.
  • Discussed to decide the venue and dates of a 3-day face-to-face workshop (venue, time) to cover the topics of the adaptation atlas, geospatial use-cases for the evidence clearinghouse, and the geospatial science aspects of CGIAR Digital Strategy.

Action Items

  • Jawoo to share the Hiphen discussion with Tunrayo, connecting with Chandra (ICARDA) and Vincent (ICRISAT/EiB).
  • Kai discussed we may not need another LandScan for 2018 as changes are probably minor from 2017. 5-year intervals would be more meaningful.
  • Jawoo and Kai to clarify whether the mini-grant for WorldClim would be duplicative with the CCAFS Climate downscaling effort.
  • Decided a 3-day in-person workshop to be held in Amsterdam in March 2020. Three agenda items: 1) Climate change adaptation atlas, 2) Geospatial use-cases for the Big Data Evidence Clearinghouse, and 3) Contribution to the geospatial science aspects of CGIAR Digital Strategy. First two weeks of March are preferred. Jawoo will send out a Doodle to decide the exact 3-day window within the weeks. Center Rep + 1 will be invited. Airfare and hotel will be covered by CSI.