Do you collect data from the field? We need to talk!

Georeferenced data has many potential uses for groundtruthing in data science applications, yet only about 20% of CGIAR-collected data is estimated to be georeferenced. Please fill out a short survey and share your thoughts on what are the most important challenges and issues in the recording of locations.

Do you regularly collect research data? Are you working on a project collecting data? Great! We thank you for your efforts in the data collection and management. “Data is the new oil,” as people say, and your hard work on data contributes to CGIAR’s science and impacts.

Mapping workshop in Wambio, Ghana | Photo by Axel Fassio (CIFOR)

Your data will be even more valuable and useful once georeferenced (i.e., latitude and longitude recorded using GPS or a mobile device). Having accurate location information adds rich context to your data and unlocks potential values in advanced A.I. and machine learning applications. There is a high demand for quality georeferenced data from the data science community, and they are eager to engage with CGIAR for this.

However, we understand that this is not a simple task. Your team might already have many challenges in collecting data from the field. Any additional data request will need to be carefully reviewed and vetted, in terms of the technical capacity and logistics required against available resources. For many reasons, we estimate only about 20% of CGIAR-collected data is currently georeferenced. There is tension.

To this end, we’d like to ask you some questions to better understand your challenges in the collection of georeferenced data in the field and how we might be able to address those. Especially if you’re collecting data but not georeferencing them yet, we want to hear from you. Your response will be an essential resource for us to develop CGIAR’s Data Strategy and advance our collective data science capacity.

CGIAR Georeferenced Data Survey | Open until September 10, 2019

Many thanks in advance for your participation!

Jawoo (CGIAR-CSI) and Grant (McGill University)