Travel Time to Cities and Ports 2015

Building on the previously published accessibility analysis, whose travel time was estimated to an arbitrary target (i.e., cities of 50,000 or more people), this new dataset provides multiple accessibility data layers generated with a range of targets, 12 types of cities and 5 types of ports, identified as significant by the geospatial community in CGIAR. This dataset is expected to help identify where inequalities in access exist and to identify where are the opportunities to improve access and what will be the resulting benefits.


Nelson, A., Weiss, D.J., van Etten, J., Cattaneo, A., McMenomy, T.S. and Koo, J., 2019. A suite of global accessibility indicators. Scientific data6(1), pp.1-9.


Nelson, Andy (2019): Travel time to cities and ports in the year 2015. figshare. Fileset.

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