Mapping Conservation Agriculture using Microwave Remote Sensing

During the 2017 CSI Meeting in Cali, Kai Sonder from CIMMYT presented a case study on the large-scale mapping of conservation agriculture adoption in wheat fields in Mexico using microwave remote sensing.

Temporal feature extraction from SAR: Tillage/no-till in winter wheat fields

Using the 12 m Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), the CIMMYT team collected imagery of 10 m spatial resolution with 6-day revisit time for both conservation agriculture (CA) and non-CA wheat plots throughout growing season. This approach was data-intensive, but was able to differentiate no-till and conversation tillage in different regions and production systems.

Learn more about this case study and other geospatial analysis work at CIMMYT from Kai’s presentation: Kai Sonder (CIMMYT) 2017 – Center Update – CGIAR-CSI in Cali (Sep 22)