Mapping Rice-Fallow

Length of rice bunds and peripheries in this area was estimated as 6.6 million km

During the 2017 CSI Meeting in Cali, Chandrashekhar Biradar from ICARDA presented a successful case study of mapping rice fallow fields using remote sensing imagery from UAV. This method increased accuracy and granularity for targeting interventions on rice-fallow fields, helped assessing the feasibility for on-farm water harvesting and supplemental irrigation during fallow periods for short duration crops (e.g., pulses), and enabled to define crop and variety specific suitability zones where ecological intensification can be introduced.

Learn more about ICARDA’s geospatial work from Chandra’s presentation:
Chandra Biradar (ICARDA) 2017 – Center Update – CGIAR-CSI in Cali (Sep 22).