Take-Home Messages from Esri User Conference 2017

Smile! / Joe (left), Ram (center), and Jefferson (right)

The Annual Esri International Conference (Esri UC) is one of the largest gathering of geospatial analysts in the world, and CGIAR-CSI has been participating to showcase our work since 2011. This year, we setup a kiosk in the Sustainable World exhibition space, together with many partners working in the international research and development. Zhe Guo (IFPRI), Ram Dhulipala (ICRISAT), and Jefferson Valencia Gómez (CIAT) participated, and they shared take-home messages.

Zhe Guo (IFPRI) wrote:

  • ArcGIS python API: It allows script and automate tasks ranging from performing big data analysis to content management to content management and administration using Python. It eases and enables academics, data scientist and GIS analysts to share programs and reproducible research with others.
  • ArcGIS pro development and enrichment: More functionality are developed and added to ArcGIS pro especially on 3-D mapping and capability of work collaboration with others on the web. Meanwhile, this 64-bit application allows user render and process data faster than ever (compared to ArcMap).
  • ArcGIS for big data: Esri also moves fast in the big data world. Spatially enabled big data and the geographic thinking adds a new dimension to big data problem solving and helps users make sense of big data. Modules such as GeoAnalytics provides the ability to perform big data analysis (although it does not support raster data in the new release).

Ram Dhulipala (ICRISAT) wrote:

  • Esri is making a conscious attempt to fuse Analytics and image processing into the core ArcGIS engine. The GeoAnaltyics server being packaged into enterprise ArcGIS is an example of this. This implies that RS/GIS professionals will have more time for cutting edge RS work since some maps like “Land Use Land Cover” or Crop type mapping could also become relatively easy through GeoAnalytics server.
  • Esri also wants to make its mapping tools more common in business context. Tools like Insights, ArcGIS for Office, ArcGIS for PowerBI are attempts at fusing maps with tools that are used by business executives. As business executives start using maps for their analysis and day to day jobs, GIS/RS might see a very different kind of clientele in the future.

Jefferson Valencia Gómez (CIAT) wrote:

  • Esri is definitely the leader of the GIS market, launching and renovating all the time tools/platforms that help us take our analyzes one step further in an innovative and sophisticated way. Among Esri’s multiple platforms, this year Esri launched the ArcGIS API for Python which makes easier the way how we manage our ArcGIS Online accounts through just a few code lines. In addition, this API allows users to do spatial analysis, mapping and geocoding on the fly by using notebooks as Jupyter and cured geographic data.
  • This year was also an opportunity to showcase what CIAT, as a CGIAR member, has done by using and applying Esri technologies. AGRI, a GIS Web application was submitted for consideration to be in the 2017 User Applications Fair and was chosen as one of the 8 best customized applications that utilize Esri technology. This fair allowed presenters to showcase their applications at the Conference. In the below picture, Jefferson stands next to Jack Dangermond, the president of Esri, while receiving the recognition certificate.
Jefferson and Jack